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Whether it's keeping you warm in the Winter or cool in the Summer, Martel HVAC Corp. has both the products and the expertise to provide the perfect balance of comfort & protection to make your home a true oasis from the weather's elements.

Heating and cooling are 2 of the most important concepts of home ownership. In fact, heating and cooling systems are major factors for those looking to purchase homes and are a critical part of living comfortably in the household. You may frequently hear the term "HVAC", which is used to describe home heating and cooling systems. The acronym stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning - which are the 3 primary functions of a home system. They control air temperature & humidity and maintain the quality of the air in the household.

We install, service, and repair high-efficiency residential furnaces & air conditioners that save energy and money. We specialize in heat pump installations that integrate with heating & cooling systems to yield maximum performance combined with optimum efficiency year-round. We also provide air quality systems that will keep the indoors of your home healthy and clean.

In addition, we also provide the following residential services:

  • Heat Pumps
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Humidification and Filtration System Repair & Installation
  • Electrical Service
  • Pipe Locating Service
  • Plumbing Service - Performed by Sub-Contractor
  • Gas Fitting Service - Performed by Sub-Contractor
  • Oil to Gas Conversions
  • Electric to Gas Conversions
  • Freon Leak Detection & Repair
  • EPA Registered and Certified Technicians

We can customize heating & cooling solutions to match your family's lifestyle and budget. No home project is too big or too small for us. Let us show you how.



Whether you're conducting an important strategy meeting or hosting an important client, the comfort of your employees and guests within your business work environment is crucial to optimizing productivity and achieving profits.

Martel HVAC Corp. has a large portfolio of commercial clients for which we provide high-efficiency & advanced HVAC controls for cost-effective comfort in the workplace. A partial list of our commercial clients include:

  • Parsons Commercial Group
  • Fafard Development, Inc.
  • Hodan Management
  • Eastport Real Estate Services

We have scheduled emergency service capabilities to help control operational expenses. We are dealers of fully insulated furnaces and commercial heating & cooling units that consistently deliver quiet and comfortable office environmental controls. In addition, we also provide the following commercial services:

  • Electrical Service
  • Plumbing Service - All plumbing and Gas fitting is sub-contracted
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication and Installation
  • Troubleshooting & Diagnosis for Hydro Air Systems
  • Standard, Medium, and High Capacity Air Filter Systems
  • EPA Registered and Certified Technicians

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